Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that he could provide weapons to opponents of the United States and Western allies to strike their countries on Wednesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Putin should be careful of starting something he can't finish.
Eighty years ago, Allied forces invaded the shores of Normandy, France, in what became world renown as D-Day, a phenomenal military undertaking that set the stage for liberating Europe from tyranny. UPI
Opposition from Senate Republican lawmakers Wednesday defeated the proposed Right to Contraception Act. UPI
VOA VIEW: The GOP win for a change.


American support for LGBTQ+ people has surged since 1985, but support for transgender and nonbinary people lags. LA Times
VOA VIEW: As it should be.
The military reportedly test-fired two unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles this week amid lawmakers' doubts about the weapons system. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Not good news.
President Joe Biden on Thursday labeled Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a "dictator," though also claiming they have known each other for decades. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden is never consistent with his thought.
An FDA analysis of trial data for Eli Lilly's experimental Alzheimer's drug donanemab released on Thursday revealed no red flags, but raised questions about safety of the treatment for patients with early-stage disease. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: The FDA cannot be trusted.
President Joe Biden said Thursday that he has ruled out using his clemency powers in the event that first son Hunter Biden is found guilty in either of his federal trials. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden is a known liar.
House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., is pressing the IRS for information on practices related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) actions by retirement plan administrators and whether they violate the service's "exclusive benefit" provisions. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: As he should.


An unidentified NYC man in his 30s was diagnosed with the first US-reported case of Trichophyton mentagrophytes type VII. New York Post
There's no *69 option for this long-distance call. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Foolish thought about the radio signal.
The outspoken Trump ally was convicted two years ago of contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the House Jan. 6 committee. He faces a four-month sentence. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Total liberal madness.
How voters will react to a candidate’s sentencing is fraught with uncertainty. New York Times
VOA VIEW: It's more like liberal stupidity.

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Two NASA astronauts, Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams, opened the hatch of the spacecraft and boarded the outpost in orbit. New York Times
Diversity programs in the corporate sector are making their way through appeals courts and could soon be reviewed by the Supreme Court. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It will be interesting.
An IRS employee used his access to the tax agency's systems to steal millions of dollars the government was supposed to be paying in tax credits to ExxonMobil, according to an indictment by federal prosecutors in Utah. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Madness!


Louisiana has become the seventh state to adopt the conservative media platform PragerU as an optional K-12 social studies resource, bolstering a national parental rights debate heading into the upcoming election. Washington Times
The latest crash tests from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety focus on large SUVs. Two of the three most popular large SUVs earned low marks in several key safety categories, including crash protection. CBS
VOA VIEW: The review must be seen.
President Biden is attending events in France as part of a five-day visit to honor the sacrifice of those who died on D-Day. His plans include touring the American cemetery there. CBS
There's been an increased focus on four potential vice presidential candidates, although Trump's shortlist is not yet complete. CBS
VOA VIEW: The names that are being vetted are not the VP pick.
The discovery comes just a month after a beachgoer found about $1 million worth of cocaine washed up along the Florida Keys. CBS

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Federal lawsuit claims supervisors at a General Mills plant engaged in years of racist acts against Black employees. CBS
VOA VIEW: Black false claims.
Southern Glazer's made $26 billion in revenue last year. The FTC is likely to allege it has been providing "secret kickbacks" to large retail customers. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
Scientists have developed a 0.2 mm battery that can be charged by tears, bringing smart contact lenses closer to reality. CNBC

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In 2026, F1 cars will be powered by hybrid engines with a 50:50 split between electric-power and internal combustion. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
California criminals are now targeting fire hydrants. About 100 hydrants have been stolen in Los Angeles County this year. Locks are now being added to hydrants to prevent the theft. FOX News
An antisemitism watchdog is calling on Stanford University to be tough on anti-Israel agitators who occupied the school president's office. FOX News
VOA VIEW: As they should.
Washington state man Ashton Connor Garcia has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for making 20 false reports of shootings and bombs across the U.S. and in Canada. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The sentence was too light.
Senate committees on aging and veterans' affairs examined veterans' services and questioned the quality of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs caregiver support programs. UPI
VOA VIEW: Veterans should get the best support.
Some Florida-grown whole cucumbers might have triggered a recent salmonella outbreak that caused 162 people to fall ill and hospitalized 54 with no fatalities reported. UPI

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